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high service diesel generator suppliers
The Wagna brand originated in Mannheim, Germany. Guangdong Wagna power technology co., ltd is a R & D sales service center. And it established through joint investment by Wagner group company and Chinese partner in 2014,which is Wagna's headquarters in Asia. It responsible for all business of Wagna. Over the years, Wagna has focused on the development, scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service of high-quality diesel generating sets. With the world famous Sweden Volvo, Germany Mercedes - benz MTU, deutz, Cummins, Perkins and other companies in the field of power generation has a long-term cooperation. At present Wagna has 12 branches around the world, we can provide no only excellent and reliable products to customers, but also comprehensive service from pre-sales consulting to after-sales support through these reliable Branch network.
Wagna power technology co., ltd has a modern generator set production base. The factory is located in Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province where transport facilitation, and warming welcome customer visits. It covers an area of over 6, 000 square meters, 4000 square meters for workshop, and have 5 modern production lines. Having senior engineers, electrical machinery engineers and five sales teams and total over 40 members. We have a specific test device and area: 72 - hour continuous test machine before shipment, make sure the generator running smoothly.

Wagna can provide the power from 7kw to 3500 kw, covering general power generation and various special purpose generator set such as diesel, gasoline, natural gas, open type, silent type, container type, portable trailer type, intelligent parallel cabinet, high voltage, or other power generation units and automatic control system for generating sets. In May 2016, the engine and alternator of our own WAGNA have been successfully developed. The engine core technology is synchronized with Ricardo, and is manufactured strictly in accordance with standards and requirements; Alternator are made strictly in accordance with LEROY SOMER standard and technology. Its reliability is highly recognized by a wide range of users.

Product application scope
Offices are also set up in the major cities of the country, forming a strong sales service network to make the products sell well in large and medium-sized cities in Asia. Users spread across in all fields. we devoted in develop and research of Wagna G series generator units for Biogas & Natural Gas, which service to multiple industry as Natural Gas, coal mine, agriculture farm, animal feeding, garbage disposal & sewage treatment. Wagna D series of products for a variety of power demand solutions, including civil buildings, factories, transportation, medical, financial, telecom, military & defense, outdoor engineering, supermarket, power generating & transportation. Wagna M series generator units for multiple solutions as family usage and Civic enterprise. Because of its reliability, convenience and economy, it is widely used in family emergency, outdoor outing, gardening and field construction.Products have been subjected to high altitude environment, high-intensity use and other harsh tests. The company has registered "Wagna" trademark in China

Qualification certificates and patents
We always attach importance to environmental protection.In the manufacturing industry of the global generating set, Wagna is one of the few manufacturers that truly fully implement ISO14001&#65306;2004&#65307;ISO9001&#65306;2008&#65307;CE ; OHSAS18001:2007 management system standard. Now Wagna's staff is working with great enthusiasm to make Wagna become one of the best companies in this field.
Main market and performance
Our main market is north America, Asia, the middle east, Africa, and so on. Wagna's annual sales performance increased by 75 % in 2015 compared to the year before. Annual sales amount to 10 million dollars in 2016.
WAGNA has always been uphold the professional knowledge, and take quality, safety, energy saving and environmental protection as the core. Providing reliable products and high quality service, meet the needs of customers in different fields, dare to take responsibility. About inquiry and product information, our company will reply within 48 hours with strict, serious and meticulous attitude.
We have a complete material control system and acceptance standards to ensure that the order can be completed on schedule. our testers perform functional testing, calibration and testing of related components to ensure safe and stable operation of the products.
1 year or 1000 hours warranty period, whichever comes first! Wagner's team provides reliable and durable products with perfect system and excellent team, and serves you wholeheartedly.high service diesel generator suppliers

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